Here's to 2023 & what a year it's been!

At the heart of 2023 has to be all of the fantastic weddings I performed at. They are still my favourite events to be booked for and always will be, that’s why this year I actively changed the direction of my magic and focused on helping couples create the magic in their special day. I’ve added some bespoke mind blowing effects exclusively for the bride and groom of each wedding. I feel this year I have really developed my expertise in the wedding industry. 

I have been lucky enough to be the entertainment for both the RAF and ARMY performing both close up magic and magic shows to the soldiers, sergeants, officers and family members, both at Halloween, Christmas and the annual Officers Ball, I always love performing at these events and I look forward to attending more in 2024. 

Slightly Unusual

During 2023, with the help of Craig Petty, I decided I wanted to level up and start entertaining on a much bigger scale by putting together a stage show. This has been a massive learning curve for me and I can’t wait to get on stage with it in 2024. Alongside this I have also been working for Craig's companies, Non Stop Kids and Slightly Unusual. This has been my second year working for them, and I have to thank everyone in the office and the hard work they do behind the scenes but mostly to Sarah & Craig Petty for giving me the chance to be part of their team. 

The Egg Bag Trick

In February Slightly Unusual hosted a show and I had the amazing opportunity to be picked as a volunteer to go on stage and have magic performed to me by Ryland the Kid Magician. He amazed me with a classic of magic called “egg bag”. I was that blown away by his performance I just had to start learning this over looked classic of magic. I find it wonderful that a 10 year old can inspire me to want to perform better. Thanks you Ryland. 


I will be attending Blackpool Magic Convention again this coming year, which is always also a great place for me to get inspired, meet fellow magicians and watch some of the best magic shows in the world. 

When I attended this in 2023 I made new friends and got the chance to chat and connect with people such as Andy Nymen, the best magic mind in the business, Pete Turner, an amazing mentalist and Pig Cake, one of the best Youtubers. These are just a few of the magicians I got the chance to catch up with. The best night of BMC 2023 would have to be attending the Andy Nymen lecture, in which he shared an insight into how he and the team behind the Derren Browns stage shows come up with mind blowing entertainment. 

While attending Blackpool magic convention I happened cross paths with Dynamo and got to show him some magic which was well received. 

Another fantastic event I attended was London Magic Convention with Craig Petty, Ryland the Kid Magician, Matt Crawley & Nemed Phoenix. It was my first time attending this event and I had a fabulous time chatting magic, business and catching up with fellow magicians. London magic convention is hosted by Andy & Preston Nymen at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London  and is a day of lectures, dealers and a gala show, I will be definitely attending again in 2024.

Steven Mulhern

I also got the opportunity to meet Stephen Mulhern a couple of times within the magic community. He is a genuine guy and he sent my friend Laura, who is a massive fan, a video recording both times our paths crossed. check out the lovely message he left for laura... 

Derren Brown at The Magic Circle 

I had the honor of meeting Darren brown again this year at his book launch for “Notes From a Fellow Traveller” at the magic circle, where he did a Q&A revealing the tricks of the trade. I managed to have a lovely chat with him after and we spoke about his new show which he has now finished touring. Derren remembered me from the last time we met and how I couldn’t stop talking about Andy Nymen and without me realising (until I got back to my hotel) he had signed it saying. “Sorry I’m not Andy” 


Back in June I decided to start an instagram page which I have enjoyed uploading videos and photos of anything from silly magic tricks to my children, show casing the fabulous venues I’ve been to and also to connect with fellow business’ and customers within the industry. I’m really looking forward to seeing the page grow and flourish. 


In November I was lucky enough to be invited to travel to Alakazam with Craig Petty and Nemed Phoenix to help with the filming of a top secret project for the magic community, it was my first time going to the shop and studio. Thank you Peter, Harry, Jenny & Andy for having me. See you in Blackpool 2024.

Whats next...

2024 seems to be getting busy already, mainly with weddings and birthday parties. What I’m most looking forward to is performing my new stand up material at the slightly unusual gala show  in February and hopefully being able to perform my full stage show a lot more in the new year. As usual I will be attending Blackpool magic convention again. I’m looking farward to getting back into the swing of being on the road and performing in loads of new venues and I look forward to returning to old favourites. I’ve also got a lot more new material I’m eager to add to my close up act and entertain with.  The best thing about what is to come is the unknown, I love that each performance is unique and different.

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