derbyshire wedding magician

My Bespoke Package is designed to bring you 5 hours of pure magic, you can split it up throughout the day however you like!

Looking for more than just close-up magic? This package has got you covered with a variety of enchanting options to make your event truly magical. Not only will you experience an incredible close-up magic performance, but you can also enjoy a mesmerizing parlour show that will leave everyone spellbound.

But wait, there's more! My comedy magic show is perfect for kids (and adults who still have a sense of fun!). It's guaranteed to have everyone laughing and gasping in amazement. And if you're looking to learn some tricks of the trade, my MAGIC workshop is the perfect opportunity for both children and adults to unlock their inner magician.

derbyshire wedding magician

The best thing about this package is that you'll have me all to yourself for the entire day. This means you'll have complete flexibility with timings and can schedule our time together whenever it suits you best. No need to worry about conflicting schedules or limited availability, I'm here exclusively for you.


close-up mix & mingle magic

Complete Exclusivity  

Magic Workshop 

Comedy Magic Show

Special Performance 

Bespoke Gift

Don't miss out on this great entertainment option that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Book The Bespoke Package today and let the magic unfold at your wedding!

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